Ashes Scattering At Sea

Our ashes scattering at sea service is a celebration of life and a fitting send-off for those with an affinity with the sea or those that had a special love of St Ives, or Cornwall. This page outlines our Ashes Scattering Service.

How We Scatter Ashes At Sea

We first cruise along to a suitable spot chosen by yourselves or the skipper. After the chosen ceremony, Which can be religious or non-religious, the ashes are scattered into the Atlantic Ocean, to be dispersed in a natural manner by the actions of the tides and currents.

Cornish Ashes Scatering Service

The St Ives Boats Ashes Scattering Service is fast becoming a popular choice both for Cornish people and with those who love St Ives and your loved one’s remains will be treated with dignity and compassion.

Starting from just 1 hour at just £250.00.

Biodegradable Urns

St Ives Boats are partnered with ‘Urns for Ashes’ who provide a wide range of urns specifically designed for water-based ashes scattering. These urns prevent ashes from being blown around and are environmentally friendly and will dissolve in water.

Urnsforashes biodegradable water urns . In addition to these handy urns, they have also produced a guide that details everything you need to know before scattering ashes at sea

Book Now For Ashes Scattering

When life’s journey is over, St Ives Boats offer an extra special way to say goodbye, Ashes scattering at sea in St Ives Bay.
Sunrise at St Ives bay
looking at the lighthouse from Dolly P
Early evening sunset returning from seal island