Mackerel Fishing Trips in St Ives, Cornwall

St Ives Bay is great for Mackerel fishing. During Mackerel fishing season, the bay is visited by vast shoals of Mackerel moving to the natural flow of the ebbing and flooding tides.

Mackerel Fishing in Cornwall

We take our boats out to favoured spots off Porthmeor Beach or the Island offer a great opportunity to experience Sea fishing in a rich environment and you can keep the Mackerel you catch, so make sure your recipes are ready!
Along the way, keep a lookout for other local wildlife. You might see Dolphins, they have become more frequent in recent years.  Both Common and Bottlenose Dolphins pass the bay. Lots of sea birds can be spotted and the occasional shark and even whales!
  • The one and a half hour trip includes all the necessary Sea fishing equipment
  • Our skipper can show you the ropes and help with landing your catch
  • Fun for all ages
  • The trip costs £25 per person

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Mackerel is an oily fish, high in Omega 3 and Vitamin B12. Easy to cook, Mackerel can be barbecued, grilled, fried, poached or oven-baked. Mackerel with it’s unique strong taste makes a healthy, tasty, appetising meal.

We are very sorry but we have decided that because of covid 19 we won`t be taking fishing trips this Season

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