St Ives – Why Tourists Love it

St Ives – Why Tourists Love it   St Ives Cornwall – Tourists Love It Type St Ives Uk or St Ives England into Google and you are likely to be presented with a range of information about St Ives in Cornwall.  Our St Ives. You might be surprised to learn that the our Cornish […]

Seal Rescue in Cornwall

Seal Rescue: St Ives Boats 2020 During the winter months, we are not running our normal boat trips but as year-round residents in St Ives, we do get involved in many aspects of serving the local community and its many causes. Something dear to our hearts is the conservation of the local Seal population.  The […]

5 Great St Ives Boat Trips For Your Cornish Holiday

  1)The Atlantic Grey Seal Around half of the Grey Seal’s global population are found near the British coast so we often encounter Seals on our boat trips. The Grey Seal breed from around September to December, the females give birth to a single pup amongst hundreds and sometimes even thousands of other seals. Although […]

The Historic Role of Cornish Lifeboats

James Stevens lifeboats

A History Of Godrevy And The Lighthouse

People come to St Ive’s for a whole host of reasons. Some come for Cornwall in general. Others come just to spend time our little town because the name St Ives is so well known now. We get artists and aficionados with specific interests in particular things. One such point of attraction is, of course, […]

Godrevy Lighthouse in St Ives bay

Godrevy Lighthouse in St Ives bay was built in the late 1850s to warn sailors of the presence of Stones Reef, the lighthouse is one of the bays most famous landmarks and is visible for many miles around.  It’s possible one of Cornwall’s most famous lighthouses. Why Godrevy Lighthouse was Built In late November of […]

Grey Seals Around The Cornish Coast

The Atlantic Grey Seal When you book a boat trip with St Ives Boats (Dolly P) you will have the opportunity to see one of Britains most playful Aquatic Mammals, The Grey Seal. These seals are the biggest land breeding mammal in the United Kingdom. Around half the global population of Grey Seals are found […]

History Of St Ives

History of St Ives Cornwall One of the most popular and recognised holiday towns in Cornwall, St Ives is situated on the South West tip of England and began life as a small fishing community. From the first days of Christianity in Britain, St Ives is named after the legendary tale of a young missionary […]

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